Most of the books reviewed here were purchased by me. Sometimes they’ve been given to me as a gift by family (who know that’s the best present ever!), won in an online giveaway, or I’ve downloaded them during a limited-time free ebook promo. If a book was given to me by the author, publisher, publicist, agent, or anyone with a vested interest in the book’s success, I will note that in my review. The views and reviews posted here are mine and influenced solely by my reading experience.

I am open to all genres but reserve the right to deny a request at any time. I am also open to reviewing books whether it is an ARC or already released, and both hard copy or ebook formats are welcome. If you don’t hear back from me within 72 hours of your original correspondence then consider the request denied. (I know, it sounds incredibly rude of me to not email you back with a “Thanks, I’ll pass”. Please don’t take offense.) Note: it is your responsibility to provide me with a copy of the novel you are requesting me to review. If I had to pay for every novel I was requested to read I would be broke.